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Ace’s Run,
Rich In Deep Creek Tradition

With roots as far back as Deep Creek itself, Ace’s Run is proud to be part of what makes Will O’ the Wisp so special. The Heise Family has been making memories since the late 40s on this property. Just have a look on the walls in the Pub and the dining room, they are their own family photos. You can read more about us in the Our Story page here.

We offer an eclectic menu using local foods from cheeses, eggs, maple syrup, honey, coffee, vegetables, herbs and more. We support our local farmers from Garrett Growers, High Country Creamery, Wildom Farm, Firefly Farms and Lakeside Creamery just to name a few.

Our Team Serves Up The Best

Our talented team in the kitchen cooks up local specialties, and our front-of-house staff serves you like you’re part of the family. Come join us with your friends & family for good food, cocktails, craft beers and the best views of the lake.


Front-of-House Manager

Jeany Blamble

General Manager

Samantha Clemons

Kitchen Manager

Doug Kisner

Bar Manager

Melissa Moats


An experience your whole family can enjoy.

Our dining room and bar have a casual and contemporary atmosphere. The pub, balcony, dining room are perfect places to unwind and enjoy a drink and lunch, dinner and dessert.

Come by boat during the months of May – October, weather permitting. In the winter, you can come by snowmobile.

We Make It Easy
To Enjoy Ace’s Run

Dine In. Carry Out.

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